CyGlass Leads Cybersecurity Executive Roundtable Discussion at CISO’s Run Chicago Event:

July 19, 2017

By: Haley Dickerson, Content Marketer

Before getting into the recap of last month’s event, we’d like to first thank the Anomalix team for both sponsoring and facilitating this roundtable discussion–

At 5:30pm on the 28th of June, NIKE Chicago’s top floor was filled with cybersecurity executives looking to discuss the impacts of IT security across the enterprise. Once all attendees were fueled from the ample amounts of beer and local finger food provided, they headed over to the roundtable to hear from our Founder & CEO Rajini Anachi, who was joined by Cortez Lake from Cybereason, and Mohammed Elkhatib of Anomalix.

When planning this discussion alongside Cybereason and Anomalix, we all agreed to create an event that CISOs would find both beneficial and genuinely enjoyable. No scripts, no sales pitches, no yawn-producing slideshows. Just a small, yet diverse group of talented cybersecurity professionals, gathered around one table to share their thoughts on the current state of cybersecurity.


Key Takeaways:


—> Everything that is created to solve a problem, also creates a problem:


Often times when dealing with solutions to assist a SOC, many teams end up spending large amounts of time and resources tending to the solution itself, only to derive a small piece of value.


—> Close the knowledge gap:


It is imperative to ensure that your team is well trained and educated on the tools that you utilize.


—> Understand how Artificial Intelligence works:


AI is two parts:

a. Machine Learning = How the human mind thinks and learns

b. Machine Reasoning = The process of reasoning about what it has learned
→ This creates the decision to act


—> Overcoming the noise of false positives:


When dealing with machine learning, false positives are inevitable. If somebody comes and tells you that their machine will produce a single simple answer, don’t believe them. It’s not possible.

Using AI reasoning distills and pinpoints threats from false positive noise.




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