Preparation is Everything, and It’s Game Time.

August 28, 2017

By: Haley Dickerson, Content Marketer

Although the future of technology is an unknown destination reached only by way of uncharted territory, we do know a few things about tech that are invariable throughout time:

Technology is expensive. It’s introduced to the market as being “cool & new”, and if lucky, turns into a necessity. As the world continues to evolve, devices once seen as indispensable, quickly become disposable; subsequently leaving old products in the dust, just like that Sony Walkman sitting in a box in your basement.

So, if the future is unknown and unpredictable, how are you expected to prepare for it? Invest in a costly product that promises to protect you until the next generation of cyber attacks are deployed? Then what do you do? Isn’t the whole purpose of an investment to trade your time and money for long term insurance and comfort? Purchasing a new security product every 5 years once the previous becomes incompetent is quite the shortsighted investment.

So, again, I ask… how are you supposed to prepare for a future filled with unknowns?

Let me answer this through a simple concept that we can all understand, regardless of your background: Soccer.

As an active player, you practice your skills on a daily basis, constantly tweaking the small yet significant details of your actions. You rigorously work out to ensure that you have the stamina and endurance to withstand the challenge of the game. Copies of play books are in your backpack, car and bedroom so that it’s always available to study.

You do all of these things so that when game time arrives, you can truthfully say that you did everything in your power to prepare for this battle.

When you go to strike the ball into the net during the match, you don’t stop and
pause for a couple moments to remind yourself “Okay. Approach with slight angle. Plant my left foot even with the ball. Left arm up. Right ankle locked. Strike ball with…” Why? Because you rely on your experience gained from countless hours of practice, resulting in automation of all the small details that you couldn’t possibly consciously think of every single time you go to strike the ball. Sure, you still have to physically run up the field to decide if and when to kick the ball, but automation soon takes over to make your life easier, and much better… especially when it’s on target.

Cyglass can be seen in the same way: Incubated in the most rigorous environments over the past 10 years, CyGlass has unparalleled experience and practice in delivering AI, machine learning and machine reasoning based anomaly detection solutions for strategic cyber defense operations. With its continuous self-learning capabilities, the more data CyGlass ingests, the more powerful and skillful its’ dark threat detection becomes. We use real-time network traffic, log data, and federated intelligence sources in tandem with user and asset data, to identify, visualize, and prioritize how a threat is evolving in real-time within your network. Essentially, we practice hard, so you don’t have to.

Like most activities, in soccer, your skills decline as your practice quantity and quality lowers… The same can be said for the vast majority of cybersecurity products. As the opposing team of black hats continue to create, evolve and adapt, the technology used to defend previous ways of attacking quickly become stagnant. We are the exception to this. CyGlass not only augments and multiplies the capabilities of the human analyst, but also becomes more powerful and accurate in its dark threat detection the more it learns through experience and practice. It is the only security investment you can make that actually appreciates in value over time.

Though it may never actually be possible to stay ahead of every bad actor in the cybersphere, incorporating artificial intelligence into your cybersecurity approach enables the infinite power of an unsurpassed team: Machine Intelligence + Human Brain.

It’s game time. Are you prepared?



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