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Preparation is Everything, and It’s Game Time.

By: Haley Dickerson, Content Marketer Although the future of technology is an unknown destination reached only by way of uncharted territory, we do know a few things about tech that are invariable throughout time: Technology is expensive. It’s introduced to the market as being “cool & new”, and if lucky, turns into a necessity. As […]

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How AI Driven Network Anomaly Detection Can Help You Decrease Enterprise Risk without Touching PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

By: Matthew McKenna, VP of International Operations I had the good fortune the other night as I arrived to my hotel and turned on the TV to encounter a fascinating documentary about WWII code breakers at Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was the home of Government Code and Cypher School, whose job it was to intercept […]

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Rajini Anachi Leads Cybersecurity Executive Roundtable Discussion at CISO’s Run Chicago Event:

By: Haley Dickerson, Content Marketer Before getting into the recap of last month’s event, we’d like to first thank the Anomalix team for both sponsoring and facilitating this roundtable discussion– At 5:30pm on the 28th of June, NIKE Chicago’s top floor was filled with cybersecurity executives looking to discuss the impacts of IT security across […]

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Three Schools of Thought to Leveraging AI for Intelligent Cyber Defense

By: Matthew McKenna, VP International Operations Although some of today’s security vendors refuse to admit it… as an industry, we are still several years away from perfecting the complex recipe of AI, machine reasoning, deep machine learning and cybersecurity. You may find this reality check sobering, yet hopeful; as we continue to make breakthrough developments in this paradigm […]

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Ask This When Evaluating AI Based Security Solutions

By: Matthew McKenna, VP International Operations The hype around artificial intelligence and predictive security has been on a rapid ascent over the last two years. The promise of artificial intelligence and the potential value it can provide enterprises on their journey towards intelligent defensible networks is unquestionable. However, with hype comes confusion and with many […]

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WannaCry from the Perspective of AI Driven Network Centric Advanced Threat Protection

By: Rajini Anachi, CEO and President Many prospects reached out after WannaCry, asking how would the CyGlass AI driven, network centric approach detect and mitigate the effects of the ransomware that took advantage of those systems that had not yet deployed Microsoft patch MS17-010.   Also, how would the proliferation or spreading of the ransomware been limited? […]

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