February 7, 2019

CyGlass’s NDaaS  Network Security Platform in Combination with SecureFort, the New Breed of All in One Managed Service Offering, Partner Together to Provide Unmatched Network Monitoring, Asset Protection, Services and Remediation against Today’s Advanced Threats.


LITTLETON, MA & LEATHERHEAD, UK (February 7, 2019): CyGlass Inc., a SaaS AI-driven network-centric threat detection solution, and Securefort a leader in providing cutting edge technology and deep security expertise to provide Best-in-Class technology for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Managed Services offering for customers and partners, have joined forces to protect their sensitive customer data and assets. By adding NDaaS to its security service portfolio, Securefort further strengthens their client’s cyber defenses and protects clients’ sensitive data and digital assets.


CyGlass NDaaS enables:


Cyber risk is one of the biggest challenges facing firms today. With CyGlass’s AI-driven solution and Securefort’s best of breed products, services, and support in the security space working together, we provide companies unmatched network protection and a powerful Managed Service offering as a competitive edge against malicious actors or insider threats.

In recent years, more than 50% of breaches were a result of “advanced cyber threats”. The failure of existing security technologies to provide visibility in your network against unknown attacks and rogue assets, which continues to depend on security analysts sifting through an overwhelming volume of network data logs and alerts, has resulted in 70% of “advanced threats” going undetected.

Breaches occur daily, so relying on signatures or rule-based security products is ineffective and leaves organizations more exposed. In addition, the Security Operations Center (SOC) is inundated with false positive alerts and has no way to identify and block the threat.

You need comprehensive security services with the capability to understand your security landscape and today’s evolving threats. This security combined with a highly skilled and trained security staff that provides 24 by 7 monitoring and products that quickly identify and alert you, while not overwhelming the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Pankaj Vekria CEO Securefort stated “With today’s advanced threats, we saw the network as a vulnerable link in the chain, we needed a product that addressed the threats our customers and partners faced while being suited for our Managed Service business.  With CyGlass NDaaS, we found a solution that provided us with the visibility, insight, and protection into what’s happening within our customers and partners networks while designed and architected to be easily integrated and deployed into our Managed Service offering”

“Business and partners depend on Securefort offering to provide year-round protection against today’s threats, CyGlass’s advance AI-driven solution offered Securefort a non-intrusive solution that was easy to deploy and use while providing unparalleled visibility and protection against malicious actors trying to exploit a company’s reputation,” said Ed Jackowiak, CEO of CyGlass Inc.

 Company network architectures are especially vulnerable to exploit as traditional security products fail to protect them from network threats.  The CyGlass NDaaS tool focuses on the most critical threats, while leveraging AI to provide enhanced visibility, improved productivity and greater precision in defending client networks and assets from cyber-attacks.

Without automating security responses and comprehensively applying AI with self-learning technologies, networks will continue to be breached. To survive the modern, sophisticated attacker, companies need AI to create actionable intelligence. Only then will organizations be able to keep their critical IT assets and networks secure.



CyGlass Inc. is a network behavior anomaly detection solution that uses artificial intelligence to surface and prioritize unknown threats within your network. By deploying Network Defense as a Service (NDaaS), CyGlass provides visibility and understanding of your network behavior and the behavior of your critical assets.  Based on unsupervised and supervised machine learning, CyGlass uniquely leverages a layered algorithmic approach to analyze network traffic and build an illustrated story of how a threat has emerged over time. NDaaS “SmartAlerts” are prioritized by confidence levels and threat scores to save your security operations critical time in mitigating a surfaced threat.

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Securefort is a new breed of Managed Security Services Provider that takes on the challenges for implementing and maintaining a robust security fabric in one, all-embracing package – a fully managed service. We combine cutting edge technology and deep security expertise to provide Best-in-Class strategies that enable digital business to scale and prosper. Offering year-round and round the clock monitoring, in partnership with leading Security Vendors for an end-to-end offering.

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