Fortinet and CyGlass Integrated Solution

Security without Compromise: Artificial Intelligence Driven Network Behavior Anomaly Detection

Why Actively Defend the Network with CyGlass and Fortinet?

Know Your Network
Knowing your network is the biggest advantage you have against attackers. The longer an attacker goes undetected, the more devastating the attack.

More than Endpoint Detection
Endpoint Detection is necessary, but not sufficient. Attackers are becoming more and more capable of evading AV and EDR systems. EDR doesn’t work if the agent isn’t installed (rouge device, guest device or IoT).

Attacks from All Sides
Attackers are using your network against you to carry out their objectives. Unless they start at the target, they will have to probe, scan, and communicate externally.



CyGlass’ NDaaS (Network Defense as a Service) can be configured in minutes to provide an additional layer of defense around any network protected by Fortinet.

Fortinet/CyGlass Solution Benefits

Automatically identify assets on your network and prioritize layered security zones

Receive Smart Alerts, prioritized event notifications, on suspicious network activity via FortiSIEM

Gain visibility of your network threat landscape and respond quickly to malicious insiders or motivated attackers

Detect network anomalies with proven scalable AI that continuously learns while monitoring your network activity using existing Fortigates and without additional people or software

Create comprehensive reports on threats, assets and network behavior

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