Network Security is Broken!

Despite record spending on cyber security, breaches have become commonplace! Network defenders need a better view of the security landscape to stop cyber attacks.

What’s On Our Network?

Organizations aren’t planning because they’re missing basic information.

Where Should We Focus?

Organizations can’t prioritize because they’re overloaded by alerts.

How Should We Respond?

Organizations can’t protect because they’re burning out security teams.

Introducing Network Defense as a Service

CyGlass is Cloud-Based Advanced Network Security

CyGlass simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people.

Continuously analyzes billions of conversations happening on a company’s network, learns what is normal, and responds when suspicious behaviors that risk the security of your critical IT assets or your organization’s reputation are detected.

Provides a unique perspective on the security threats on a network. CyGlass delivers actionable intelligence in the form of a Network CyberScore.

A Solution Without Compromise

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