CyGlass is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that identifies, detects and responds to network-based cyber attacks in real-time by leveraging our advanced layered Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach. Using an ensemble of algorithms, CyGlass learns the customer’s network and can detect threats of unknown origin.

By leveraging the power of the AI, CyGlass can analyze enormous traffic volumes and complicated network topologies at a fraction of the cost of traditional security solutions.  CyGlass threat scoring model empowers information security teams to thwart active threats and prioritize their defenses around their most critical business assets. SOC Analysts quickly gain insight into network threats through CyGlass’ robust investigation and visualization capabilities.

Intelligent Inventory - Discovers and Learns

CyGlass provides you with the deep knowledge of your network necessary  to effectively detect advanced cyberthreats.

CyGlass ingests real-time network traffic, learns your network, and establishes a baseline of normal behavior.

CyGlass identifies assets that have significant traffic and allows users to assign an underlying business value.

Smart Alerts

CyGlass emulates human analyst thinking and contextualizes the nature of the threat in relationship to the value of your assets.

CyGlass uses a layered AI approach to reduce the massive volume of network traffic into a Smart Alerts – prioritized by threat and risk.

CyGlass surfaces threats, including but not limited to command and control, unauthorized web and DNS activities, masqueraders (tunneling), credential compromise, rogue behaviors, low and slow, low and fast, insider threats, lateral movement, and data exfiltration.

Pinpoints and Mitigates

CyGlass Smart Alerts guide analysts to focus on those emerging threats which pose the greatest risk and organizational impact.

CyGlass GUI provides a visual timeline mapping of the evolving threat, allowing analysts to drill down into the context of the threat for pre-emptive remediation.

CyGlass learns from feedback provided by SOC analysts to improve the priority and accuracy of Smart Alerts.

Scales and Secures

CyGlass is a convenient, cost-effective, and scalable SaaS solution.

CyGlass Collectors are virtual or light-weight physical devices that can be deployed in minutes and securely transmit network data to our analytics service.

Comprehensive Use Case Support

CyGlass Dark Threat Detection supports a comprehensive array of use cases to ensure the attack resilience of your enterprise.

With its unsupervised self-learning algorithms, CyGlass will identify new areas of concern as they emerge and integrate these automatically into the platform, further enhancing your network protection.

Unknown Dark Threats

Uncover non-signature based dark threats that have evaded traditional security controls

Insider Threat

Identify suspicious lateral movements to pre-empt data exfiltration or intellectual property destruction

Critical Asset Protection

Generate business risk understanding based on the network behaviors interacting with your assets

SOC Productivity and Threat Hunting

Minimize alerts and pinpoint threats with the highest risk and impact to your business

Rogue IOT Devices

Capture misconfigurations and exposures


Ensure control over your network and critical assets

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