2020 CyGlass US Regional List Pricing AWS Processing in US East

$4.99 per user* / month

*minimum 150 users


Network Visibility

  • Native Network Collectors
  • Asset Discovery
  • Custom labeling of subnets and assets
  • Network Visibility Dashboard and Investigation
  • Network and Asset Threat Scores
  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Network Reports

*A user is defined as a person (employee) that has device(s) that connect to the internal network. These devices can be workstations, IP phones, or mobile phones/tablets etc.

Prices are annual subscription rates based on the number of users. The license count does not accumulate as more separate customers are added to the total.

Policy Assurance

  • Policy Management
  • Custom policies
  • Policy Assurance Dashboard and Investigation
  • Detailed Violation Reports

All service levels include 45 days data storage for processing. Additional active data storage volumes can be purchased. Please contact CyGlass pricing.

Customers who wish 24x7 support option may purchase @ 35% premium to the listed price.

Threat Detection

  • Advanced Threat Dashboard and Investigation
  • Advanced Threat Reports
  • Threat investigation services
  • Threat busting reports
  • Multi-factor authentication

Any VAT or Taxes are not included. All fees herein are fees due to CyGlass. Any VAT or other Taxes shall be paid by Distributor/Reseller and may not be deducted from the amounts due CyGlass.

Custom integration services: $350.00/hr.