Use Cases

CyGlass Dark Threat Detection supports a comprehensive array of use cases to ensure the attack resilience of your enterprise.

With its unsupervised self-learning algorithms, CyGlass will identify new areas of concern as they emerge and ensure these automatically into the platform, further enhancing your network protection.

Minimize False Alerts

CyGlass applies deep learning and machine reasoning to minimize false alerts by identifying, prioritizing and putting context around “unknown” threats. Thus, allowing your team to focus on threats that pose the largest risk to your business.

Regardless of the phase in the Cyber Kill Chain®, CyGlass will generate prioritized areas of concern and alert your analysts before suspicious activity can manifest itself.

Insider Threat

CyGlass detects malicious insiders, human error and third-party contractors by understanding their behaviors in correlation to their peer groups.

Meaningful yet subtle changes from their baseline behavior will be flagged, tracked, and escalated.

Critical Asset Protection

Cyglass understands which assets in your environment are most important.

By understanding the relationships between users, devices, network traffic and the assets, CyGlass determines the value of your assets and prioritizes risk associated with them.

SOC Productivity and Threat Hunting

CyGlass maximizes the productivity of your analysts, by focusing their attention on the threats with the highest risk and greatest potential impact to your organization.

Our targeted threat hunting capability, provides a visual time-based progression of how the threat is evolving and pinpoints the anomalous behavior, permitting quick response and mitigation.

Rogue IOT Devices

Rogue IOT devices have the potential to cause significant damage.  They extend the network beyond the traditional boundaries and security controls.

CyGlass detects and prioritizes anomalous behaviors across your IOT network and will identify those devices that present a security risk and are functioning outside the norm.

Compliance for Small Financial Institutions

CyGlass provides you the building blocks to demonstrate to your auditors that you have control of your assets and network.

CyGlass is an integral part of ensuring a strong compliance posture by augmenting your current security controls, integrating to your processes, and providing needed reporting.