Use Cases

CyGlass NDaaS supports a comprehensive array of use cases to ensure the attack resilience of your enterprise. 


Ransomware is one of the greatest cyber security threats facing businesses today. Traditional efforts to thwart ransomware attacks focused on preventing penetration of the firewall and ensuring robust backups to recover from an attack. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and ransomware attacks continue to rise. In fact, experts predict a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021.1



Remote Workforce

The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era of cybersecurity. There is an additional need to facilitate remote working securely and there are a number of inflection points where cybercriminals are using the existing circumstances to compromise corporate networks. Businesses are struggling to monitor all of the remote work activity and CyGlass believes that securing the VPN environment is critical to protecting crown jewels as we see a rise in threats such as vishing to corporate networks.

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Community & Co-operative Banks

Community/Co-op banks face increasing challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Budgets and resources are stretched, you need to comply with the regulator’s increasingly stringent rules and you need to protect your customers from attacks. CyGlass can help you meet and go beyond compliance requirements to build a best of breed defense with network security that helps you identify, detect, and respond to threats. Our network approach is also designed to be cost-effective for community banks – requiring no additional hardware, software, or people.

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SIEM Efficiency & Replacement

SIEM tools are meant to address the lack of visibility into a company’s security vulnerabilities. The reality is that for many, SIEMs are too complicated or expensive to deploy. For others who have SIEM tools, the volume of false positives is an issue. CyGlass can augment or replace SIEM tools by giving unprecedented network visibility and prioritizing alerts. It’s fast, efficient, and effective.

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