Why CyGlass?

CyGlass is an affordable, advanced threat detection solution built for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and the service providers that support them.

Advanced Threats Stop Here.

CyGlass provides a critical layer of defense behind the firewall to detect anomalies and threats that can lurk in your network for weeks, months, or even years before executing a devastating attack.
For example:

These types of activities are common to a wide range of attacks, including ransomware, Bitcoin mining, cybercriminal hacking attempts, and malicious insiders.


Deploys in Minutes

Traffic from your on-premise or cloud network can be securely connected to the CyGlass Cloud in a matter of minutes.  Our Network Native approach works without the added cost and complexity reconfiguring your network of adding hardware or software appliances.

Discovers Your Network Assets

CyGlass quickly builds an understanding of the assets, gateways, and subnets that make up your network.  CyGlass integrates with a wide range of Configuration Management Database (CMDB) systems to ensure your asset inventory is always up-to-date and immediately flags any unidentified assets or networks.

Learns Your Network Behaviors

With its continuous learning capabilities, CyGlass builds and maintains a baseline of over 35 different aspects of the traffic patterns on your network.  CyGlass’ core technology was funded and validated by US Intelligence agencies and Department of Defense (DoD), so it’s built to work in real-world environments.

Alerts on Policy Violations

CyGlass provides an important check on protective controls, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, to ensure that they are configured and running properly and have not been tampered.  It also ensures compliance with relevant parts of ISO-27001, NIST CSF, and FFIEC by proving that your network traffic has been conforming to those requirements.

Detects Threats Behind Your Firewall

Instead of dealing with thousands of alerts each day, CyGlass’ layered Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning technologies allow SOC and NOC teams to focus on the handful of SmartAlerts that pose serious potential threats to the network.

Measures Your Progress

CyGlass calculates a threat score that can be used to measure your network risk over time, and see how that risk compares to your goals.  Weekly executive reports highlight trouble spots on the network that require additional attention. These reports can be used to communicate to the board of directors, partners, or regulators how much safer your network is with CyGlass.