Why CyGlass?

CyGlass uncovers in real-time how advanced cyberattacks are evolving within your network and helps you stop them before they happen.

Proven Military Grade Technology

Incubated in the most rigorous environments, CyGlass has unparalleled experience in delivering AI, Machine learning and machine reasoning based anomaly detection solutions for strategic cyber defense operations.

No Signatures

CyGlass requires no rules or configuration, Completely self-learning, CyGlass Applies an ensemble of algorithms, based on the context of the emerging network behavior, to accurately uncover non-signature based dark threats.

Critical Asset Classification

CyGlass intuitively identifies, understands and classifies which assets are most important to your business. By understanding the value of your assets, our deep machine learning techniques are even more precise when it comes to pinpointing the most critical threats to your network.

Continuously Monitors and Learns

With its continuous self-learning capabilities, the more data CyGlass ingests, the more powerful it’s dark threat detection precision becomes. CyGlass uses real-time network traffic, log data, and federated intelligence sources in tandem with user and asset data, to identify, visualize, and prioritize how a threat is evolving in real-time within your network.

Surfaces and Pinpoints Threats

By understanding where your most valuable assets reside and the traffic and users that interact with them, CyGlass is able to direct your analysts’ attention to the threats that are most critical. Our machine reasoning prioritizes and pinpoint the areas of concern as a threat is evolving, letting you take pre-emptive mitigative action.

Ease of Deployment

CyGlass SaaS Analytics permits you to leverage either our AWS cloud service or your own private cloud. And don’t worry, if preferred, you can also deploy on premise.

Appreciates in Value

CyGlass not only augments and multiplies the capabilities of the human analyst, but also becomes more powerful and accurate in its dark threat detection the more it learns. It is the only security investment you make that appreciates in value over time.